Agon is a continent on the world of Tarren roughly about the same size (in square mileage) as France. The land is divided into three major regions – The Kingdom of the Sky, Caldosia, and the Southlands. There is also Crescent Moon Isle off the east coast.

The Kingdom of the Sky

This is the largest of the regions on Agon, and was formed from the ashes of the Old Kingdom which tore itself apart millenia ago. It is home to the two remaining settlements of the Old Kingdom – the capital city of Gorgoth, and the port city of Velkoth.


Caldosia was formed during the Age of Woe by dissidents from the Old Kingdom. Over time their close relationship with the Elves and Dwarves in the area gave them a distinct language and culture.

The Southlands

Originally this was several isolated settlements that, much like Caldosia, was formed by refugees from the Age of Woe. Over time however they formed together as a kingdom in their own right.

Crescent Moon Isle

This Island is a sacred land to the Elves and Eladrin and not much is known about it. Few humans have ever gained permission to set foot there.


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